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koki’o soprano plastic

i couldn’t resist when i saw this koki’o transparent plastic soprano – maybe i will found an underwater ukulele group one day ;-). the only non-plastic parts are the tuners, all the rest should be 100% waterproof. apparently plastic ukuleles are on the raise again, targetting the lower end of the price scale whilst promising…

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kala ubass em fs

it’s about time to explore the lower end of the musical scale below the usual ukulele sound. fortunately the people at kala music set up the ubass line some years ago, basically combinig a baritone ukulele with a little magic and some special thick polyurethane bass strings. i was always tempted of checking out bass…

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brüko soprano ash

my first brüko 🙂 – ain’t she sweet? i was always tempted by the product specs of brüko: all made in germany, all solid wood – albeit the statements about the specific “brüko sound” and the high action kept me from buying one. from what you read these ukes have a quite bright voice, some…

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kala travel soprano (special edition)

official model is ka-sstu-fmcp: kala spruce soprano travel ukulele – flamed maple compass small, flat, yet surprisingly loud. solid spruce top, flamed maple (laminated) back and sides. closed geared tuners and an embedded compass in the headstock – after all it is a travel ukulele 😉 came with the usual aquila strings which i didn’t…

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mainland mahogany classic

good stuff assembled in usa. “simply beautiful” edition concert size, solid mahogany all over, rosewood fretboard and bridge, slotted headstock like a guitar – and feels amazingly light with only 504g. my first glossy one. no other bling though; the regular edition comes with a nice rope binding on body and around the soundhole. worth…

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