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quickstart for guitar players (dgbe tuning) on ukulele (gcea tuning)

i would assume it is commonly known that guitar and ukulele have some things in common – apart from the 8-shape. i am referring to the tuning intervals of the strings. standard guitar tuning is eadgbe, standard ukulele tuning is gcea – and believe it or not: the string intervals are the same :-). ukulele…

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howto add a strap button to the firefly banjolele

sometimes a strap comes in handy – but on the original firefly there’s hardly any good mounting point to attach a strap. big banjoleles come with lots of possibilities, just the firefly lacks one. and i do not consider fiddling some shoelace through the tailpiece a good solution, not even a workaround. fortunately the tailpiece…

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project: “bass” ukulele

one might ask: why “project”, the ubass has already been introduced? looking closer, the question already contains the answer: the ubass (and all its variants) is in fact not an ukulele but a small scale bass. most obvious proof is the tuning: ukulele is tuned gcea (or adf#b) – ubass is tuned eadg which is…

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ASCII Art: Ukulele

you never know when you will need this, e.g. in a forum signature… basic ukulele ( o )==:: advanced (soprano and concert) ukulele incl bridge (a turkish character, code #305;) (ı o)==:: ( ıo )===:: a fluke | ıo >==:: [ ıo >==:: a flea |ıo )==:: [ıo )==:: a banjolele (ı )===:: another one (found on…

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coming soon: plastic ukulele

i couldn’t resist when i saw this koki’o transparent plastic soprano – maybe i will found an underwater ukulele group one day. the only non-plastic parts are the tuners, all the rest should be 100% waterproof. apparently plastic ukuleles are on the raise again, targetting the lower end of the price scale whilst promising a…

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ukulele tuning pitches

i found a great picture of a full piano keyboard (made by phillip kuhrt based on an original by sergey pushkin) on wikimedia; look at the different ukulele tunings in relation to each other: ubass: E A D G baritone: D G B E “standard” ukulele (tenor, concert, soprano): G (low or high) C E…

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