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ukuMele acacia concert I

built in the same factory as koa pili koko somewhere in asia these ukuleles are sold by a small german online merchant under the brand name “ukuMele”. i got one of the very first series, still labelled as koa pili koko on the inside and headstock. the branding on the headstock was removed in the…

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makala dolphin

another beater uke, almost a “must have”. really a fun instrument with laminated top and moulded abs body. comes in almost any color (this one is candy apple red – a bright sparkling red) and is an amazing lot of bang for the buck. unfortunately not all makala dolphins are equally enjoyable – some need…

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makala mk-s

actually my first ukulele – this is how it all started. came with some black strings (possibly ghs), was soon restringed with aquila nylgut which improved the sound significantly. in the meantime i swapped the aquilas for aurora multicolor strings – made in usa, but generally speaking just dyed aquilas. yet slightly mellower in sound….

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