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speeding up (again)

the site felt a bit slow lately which seems to be a natural side effect of using shared hosting at one of the cheaper providers. not that i am unhappy with arvixe, i just noticed some lags here and there – which i didn’t like. sure, in the 90s all we had was 56k modem…

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testing countdown

for another project i am looking for a nice wp countdown. and as this is an experimental website i decided to use it as a sandbox…. we should see at least one counter below, target date is 01 dec 2034 12:34:56 countdown timer by andrew ferguson ( plugin page): [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”2034-12-01 12:34:56″] t(-) countdown (…

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hosting at

as already said elsewhere, this blog is was hosted at i don’t even remember how i found them, but they offered fast and reliable hosting in europe with no fuzz at all. and the first year is free. enough reason to try them. not that i am unhappy with my other hosting providers, i…

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