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ASCII Art: Ukulele

you never know when you will need this, e.g. in a forum signature… basic ukulele ( o )==:: advanced (soprano and concert) ukulele incl bridge (a turkish character, code #305;) (ı o)==:: ( ıo )===:: a fluke | ıo >==:: [ ıo >==:: a flea |ıo )==:: [ıo )==:: a banjolele (ı )===:: another one (found on…

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ukulele tuning pitches

i found a great picture of a full piano keyboard (made by phillip kuhrt based on an original by sergey pushkin) on wikimedia; look at the different ukulele tunings in relation to each other: ubass: E A D G baritone: D G B E“standard” ukulele (tenor, concert, soprano): G (low or high) C E A“alternate”…

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planet waves micro headstock tuner (pw-ct-12)

i already have a few of the previous model (planet waves mini) living on the various headstocks of my ukes, and now I gave the new model by d’addario a try: it is an excellent example of how even good things can be improved. slightly smaller than the previous model 3-color display (red=off, yellow=almost, green=in…

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link collection

i don’t want to maintain a super long list of external links in the side menu, but still i need some kind of notepad for useful links. here we go – unordered for the time being… ukulele setup ukulele setup at hawaii music supply: spongebob tutorial part I: part II: fretcalculator:…

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