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Makala Dolphin & MK-S frontMakala Dolphin & MK-S sideanother beater uke, almost a “must have”. really a fun instrument with laminated top and moulded abs body. comes in almost any color (this one is candy apple red – a bright sparkling red) and is an amazing lot of bang for the buck.Makala Dolphin sparkle

unfortunately not all makala dolphins are equally enjoyable – some need a bit of effort in regards to action height and perhaps even fret dressing. your mileage may vary… but when you get a good one it’s instant fun.

strings are as usual a matter of taste; it came with black ghs which seemed ok. aquilas will be a good choice as well, or some colored aurora strings (in matching color of course). never tried fluorocarbon strings on it though.

this one was a gift and thus doesn’t live with me. but i tested it thoroughly for a few days before giving it away 😉

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