hello world!

this is an (experimental) website dedicated to a 4-stringed instrument: the ukulele.

“as if we had not yet enough of these pages” one might think – and you are correct. in fact i am was just messing around a bit on a new hosting platform. but i didn’t like the idea of using dummy texts and the like all over the place so i went for something more inspiring – and who knows, maybe i will really start blogging ukulele related stuff here…


my random collection of topics related to ukulele in general – whatever i found worth spending some thoughts on.

quickstart for guitar players (dgbe tuning) on ukulele (gcea tuning)

i would assume it is commonly known that guitar and ukulele have some things in common – apart from the 8-shape. i am referring to the tuning intervals of the strings. standard guitar tuning is eadgbe, standard ukulele tuning is gcea – and believe it or not: the string intervals are the same :-). ukulele…

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notefinder aka another fretboard map

there’s plenty of fretboard maps out there, showing which note is where on the fretboard of your ukulele. but all of these graphical maps omit the octave, they show only the note names – which can lead to slightly unwanted results… as this disturbed me for quite some time now i finally decided to quickly…

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howto add a strap button to the firefly banjolele

sometimes a strap comes in handy – but on the original firefly there’s hardly any good mounting point to attach a strap. big banjoleles come with lots of possibilities, just the firefly lacks one. and i do not consider fiddling some shoelace through the tailpiece a good solution, not even a workaround. forutnately the tailpiece…

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project: “bass” ukulele

one might ask: why “project”, the ubass has already been introduced? looking closer, the question already contains the answer: the ubass (and all its variants) is in fact not an ukulele but a small scale bass. most obvious proof is the tuning: ukulele is tuned gcea (or adf#b) – ubass is tuned eadg which is…

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ASCII Art: Ukulele

you never know when you will need this, e.g. in a forum signature… basic ukulele ( o )==:: advanced (soprano and concert) ukulele incl bridge (a turkish character, code #305;) (ı o)==:: ( ıo )===:: a fluke | ıo >==:: [ ıo >==:: a flea |ıo )==:: [ıo )==:: a banjolele (ı )===:: another one (found on…

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coming soon: plastic ukulele

i couldn’t resist when i saw this koki’o transparent plastic soprano – maybe i will found an underwater ukulele group one day. the only non-plastic parts are the tuners, all the rest should be 100% waterproof. apparently plastic ukuleles are on the raise again, targetting the lower end of the price scale whilst promising a…

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ukulele tuning pitches

i found a great picture of a full piano keyboard (made by phillip kuhrt based on an original by sergey pushkin) on wikimedia; look at the different ukulele tunings in relation to each other: ubass: E A D G baritone: D G B E “standard” ukulele (tenor, concert, soprano): G (low or high) C E…

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planet waves micro headstock tuner (pw-ct-12)

i already have a few of the previous model (planet waves mini) living on the various headstocks of my ukes, and now I gave the new model by d’addario a try: it is an excellent example of how even good things can be improved. slightly smaller than the previous model 3-color display (red=off, yellow=almost, green=in…

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link collection

i don’t want to maintain a super long list of external links in the side menu, but still i need some kind of notepad for useful links. here we go – unordered for the time being… ukulele setup ukulele setup at hawaii music supply: http://youtu.be/adeFF0nQyzM spongebob tutorial part I: http://youtu.be/Zbp7dApxAuE part II: http://youtu.be/SGGz14ohX9Y fretcalculator: http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/Fretting/i-fretcalc.html…

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this website started as an experiment: i was interested in the possibilities of hosting with one.com – they praised themselves as fast, easy and reliable hosting provider.

the domain name was inspired by one of my hobbies: ukulele playing. that’s it. the fact that one.com offered .in domains helped me choosing them.

despite some affiliate links eventually being spread over the website this is a private and non-profit web presence without any commercial background.

having said this here is the first affiliate link to WebhostOne, the current provider. one.com didn’t exactly fit my needs, so i decided to put an end to the experiment whilst still keeping this site alive.



YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortenergo.4str.in is powered by yourls (your own url shortener)

if you came here to find out more about go.4str.in you have come to the right place.

i am pretty active posting stuff about ukulele in various related forums like ukulelenboard.de or ukuleleunderground.com (just to mention two). as a matter of fact people keep asking similar questions over and over again, meaning you need to point them to the same resources again and again. that’s why shortlinks are useful – you simply don’t have to remember the full url to everything.
of course i could have started using one of the more popular shortlink providers like bit.ly or tinyurl. but i am more of a diy person and thus i went for my own installation of yourls on this webserver. just for the pun of it i set up the url shortener with a “speaking” subdomain 😉
i have full control and full statistics available at my own discretion – what more could i want.

for the time being the shortlinks on go.4str.in are reserved for anything related to 4 strings.

it might happen in the future that i open up the public interface on go.4str.in and make this shortlink service available for the general public. YOURLS as such is reliable and stable enough, but spammers tend to abuse the service pretty soon; so far i have not found a fully satisfying remedy against those “funny” people. that’s why the interface is not yet public.

(Header image shamelessly copied from http://blog.yourls.org/)


anything posted here could be pure fiction or plain wrong – this might have happened on purpose or by coincidence. feel free to notify me about any errors you find. some things might still be true though.
whatever you do with stuff found here is done completely under your own responsibility, not mine.

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