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ASCII Art: Ukulele

you never know when you will need this, e.g. in a forum signature… basic ukulele ( o )==:: advanced (soprano and concert) ukulele incl bridge (a turkish character, code #305;) (ı o)==:: ( ıo )===:: a fluke | ıo >==:: [ ıo >==:: a flea |ıo )==:: [ıo )==:: a banjolele (ı )===:: another one (found on…

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flea m-42

a real beater ukulele made in usa: body and fretboard made from plastic, maple neck, thin (1.5mm) 3-layer laminate soundboard. seems to be almost indestructible and weighs 486g. the green colour is for a private reason… came with aquila nylgut strings which i soon replaced with ken middleton’s excellent living water strings. i don’t really…

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