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Flea_M-42_ukelyptus_fFlea_M-42_ukelyptus_ra real beater ukulele made in usa: body and fretboard made from plastic, maple neck, thin (1.5mm) 3-layer laminate soundboard. seems to be almost indestructible and weighs 486g. the green colour is for a private reason…

came with aquila nylgut strings which i soon replaced with ken middleton’s excellent living water strings.

i don’t really need the pickup (a bband u1.5t), but i was teased by having an amplified uke with integrated tuner – so i went for it. soon afterwards i also bought a roland mobile ac portable amplifier – it just didn’t feel right to have a pickup on its own…

Flea_M-40this one replaced a natural flea which all over sudden started buzzing for some strange reason. i never really found out what caused the buzz, but fortunately i was able to return it for a full refund. the strap on the picture is magnetic, it doesn’t need a strap button or similar which is almost impossible to mount on a flea.

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