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one of those unnecessary necessities i always wanted: a portable mini amplifier for all occasions, battery powered and small enough to fit in a gigbag or whatever – and not breaking the bank.

the friendly folks from ukesupply.de announced it on facebook and an hour later i had already placed my order. the factory specs seem to make it a pretty good companion for e.g. my risa solid.


  • size: 212mm x 65mm x 38mm (8.35″ x 2.56″ x 1.5″)
  • weight: 320g
  • battery: 3,7V 1200mAh rechargeable lithium,
    said to be good for 4-5 hours of use
  • charging: micro usb (cable included), 2-3 hours for a full recharge w/ 500mA
  • input: 6,3mm (1/4″) standard jack, bluetooth 5.0
  • output: 2 speakers, 3W
  • color: maple or walnut
maple or walnut?

bluetooth connectivity is inbound only, the amp is basically a standard bluetooth speaker with an added instrument jack. play your favourite backing track (e.g. from ireal pro) from your phone via bluetooth and start jamming – or simply amplify whatever your pickup delivers. or skip the instrument and use the stylish bluetooth speaker.

amplification is sufficient for passive pickups even though you really need to use high output volume settings here; the passive signal is pretty low on its own so don’t expect a miracle from this tiny amp.

100% volume is enough to make a risa solid as loud as a “normal” ukulele – at the same time this amp is small enough to fit easily in the bag. mission accomplished, i’d say….

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