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Home / stuff / hosting at - Domain, Hosting, E-mailas already said elsewhere, this blog is was hosted at i don’t even remember how i found them, but they offered fast and reliable hosting in europe with no fuzz at all. and the first year is free.

enough reason to try them. not that i am unhappy with my other hosting providers, i was just curious and fell for the presales texts on their website. over time i will compile a list of all pros and cons i find – this list will probably never be complete, but it is my own personal opinion in any case.


  • data center in europe (denmark)
  • 100% run on renewable power from wind turbines (RECS certified)
  • highspeed connection (see right)Response time Report for Last 30 days
  • 15 5 GB starter package
  • one year free trial period (includes domain)
  • immediate setup (webspace was available within 15 minutes)
  • 24/7 live chat support (haven’t tried it yet)
  • managed hosting of blog, wordpress, gallery – these packages have a foolproof one-click installation
  • integrated web editor for homepage setup
  • cloud service included, data are encrypted with 128 bit aes-cbc key on server; webdav access supported
  • free sync clients available for all major operating systems (windows, mac, ipad/iphone, android); the clients support 256 bit aes encryption


  • only one database
  • no explicit subdomain management
    any subfolder of root is automatically accessible as a subdomain
  • only one domain per hosting package
  • only very basic administration panel, enough for “home use” but not for advanced or power users (must admit that i am used to working with cpanel)
  • web file manager is ok for basics, but lacks some slightly advanced features
    • no chmod possibilities (does work via ftp client though)
    • no zip/unzip or similar (remote unzip via net2ftp didn’t work either)
  • some php features are blocked (like e.g. exec())
    discovered that when i tried to install the ewww image optimizer plugin here
  • scripts quite often time out for no apparent reason
  • no access to error logs

(to be continued)

bottom line seems to be a good choice for less experienced average users – the more experienced should rather look for an alternative with more freedom. the limited administration features are too limited for my purposes unfortunately and will prevent me from moving completely to

actually the limitations made me move this whole blog away from on 25 feb 2015 – at least for me speed is not the only thing that matters. until further notice i am using arvixe as hosting provider – they’ve proven good in the past already (and i have some other stuff hosted there as well). times change, and arvixe is no longer what they used to be (politely said). i am moving all my websites back to germany, putting my faith in webhostone for now.

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