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ukulele reduced as much as possible: this one is merely a fretboard with strings in concert scale built at minimum overall length.


  • body, neck: all maple, satin finish
  • no fingerboard, frets are mounted directly on the neck;
    15 frets with dot and side markers on 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15
  • bridge: steel
  • passive piezo undersaddle pickup
  • geared banjo tuners
  • aquila strings
  • weight 510g
  • length overall 485mm
  • width 80mm
  • depth 25mm
  • fretboard width: 36mm at nut, 41mm at 12th fret
  • string spacing: 28mm at nut, 33mm at 12th fret
  • scale 387mm
  • serial #: 20017025

the carrying strap of it’s gigbag doubles as ukulele strap, without strap this thing is indeed hardly playable.

first hands-on impressions

as said: i can’t imagine how much more a ukulele could be reduced. nevertheless the neck feels quite comfortable and is pretty easy to play once you got used to not having a headstock at the nut; as you can see the nut is basically where the whole instrument ends. tuning can be slightly difficult, esp. on the e and a strings which have a steep angle around the steel post in the bottom. some people advise to use some kind of lubricant here for easier tuning – for good reason. not that it’s impossible, but it takes some time. the geared tuners as such are just barely enough apart to turn freely.

the whole body feels smooth with the rounded edges and satin finish, no flaws visible anywhere. excpet maybe a design flaw: the cream socket plate on the bottom doesn’t really match the white tuner buttons and the white logo. but on the other hand you hardly ever really see it, so what.


what sound? it is literally a silent ukulele. ok, not entirely silent, you still here some resonance from the vibrating strings – but that’s next to nothing, no matter how hard you strum. anybody sitting next to you will still be able to hear you playing though. for anything more than that you need an amplifier, even for headphone practice. the piezo pickup doesn’t have a preamp with sufficient output level for headphones….

as usual with undersaddle pickups all kinds of tapping are picked up easily.

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