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the site felt a bit slow lately which seems to be a natural side effect of using shared hosting at one of the cheaper providers. not that i am unhappy with arvixe, i just noticed some lags here and there – which i didn’t like. sure, in the 90s all we had was 56k modem connection and waiting for plain text content to pop up was standard – whereas today i have a 15M connection and get impatient when a multimedia page takes more than a second to load completely…

anyway. after some research i found another hosting provider in germany, offering guaranteed resources for shared hosting. sounded tempting enough to me. setup was no hassle and quickly done, and after waiting some time for the dns changes to propagate  this site is now hosted at webhostone on a shared server located somewhere in germany. it feels faster, so time was due for a more detailed check.

Page Load Timeload time dropped from 3.32s to 0.87s 😮 (tested with pingdom from amsterdam, netherlands).
now that’s what i call significant improvement.

according to my usual performance tools i still have some optimization potential, but so far i am already quite happy with the first shot. and i will update the statistics page with new readings soon. find more detailed performance check results on the statistics page.

moving to webhostone apparently was a good idea 🙂

update jan 2016:

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