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i already have a few of the previous model (planet waves mini) living on the various headstocks of my ukes, and now I gave the new model by d’addario a try:

it is an excellent example of how even good things can be improved.

  • slightly smaller than the previous model
  • 3-color display (red=off, yellow=almost, green=in tune)
    the newest models use a different color scheme with white text, see picture below
  • reworked clip, now fits thinner headstocks and is easier to handle
  • “flip screen” display, can be turned 180° depending on mounting location
  • bigger buttons on the micro tuner
  • tuning range 410-480 Hz (mini: 410-450 Hz)
  • optical metronome 20-270 bpm
    (haven’t used that one yet, but can imagine some use for it)
  • battery now accessible without any kind of tools
    (you still needed a coin or similar to twist the battery compartment of the mini)
  • standard CR2032 battery
  • lightweight and almost invisible when mounted behind (or should I say “under”?) the headstock
  • 360° swivel base
  • piezo system for precise tuning even in noisy environments

bottom line: definitely one of my “must have” ukulele accessories.

cheap enough (available on amazon) to have one for every uke – and on the other hand so small you should never take it off because it will get lost 😉

some pictures below; on the left is the old model (pw mini), measures in cm


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