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sooner or later one gets tempted exploring all available ukulele sizes – and as i have quite large hands i am more attracted by the larger ones. for my bass ukulele “project” i was able to borrow this baton rouge baritone. when it arrived the default dgbe strings were so worn that i had no regrets replacing them by aquila 23u gcea strings…

the body is made of mahogany laminate and the only bling is a white binding; weight is 765g.

intonation could be better even though the action is already on a comfortable level (1mm at first fret), i guess that’s where you see that the u3b is on the lower end of the price scale. overall sound is very much like a guitar as expected; after all it is tuned a full octave below the “standard” ukulele tuning – in the tonal area of guitars.

i will not keep it forever. it adds a nice low end to a group of ukulele players, but it feels to big and bulky for me. had i wanted that size i would have started playing the guitar.

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