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a quick and easy replacement for the koki’o after the top and bridge started bending under the string tension. at that price point i really did not care about getting a replacement, i simply wrote it off.

technically both are on par, most of the things i wrote about the kokio are valid for the waterman as well. the “bracings” and the bridge are slightly different though, i’ll add some detailed pictures later. the waterman is a tiny little bit lighter on the scale with only 406g (compared to 422g of the koki’o). the fretboard has a matte finish and silver dot markers at frets 5, 7 and 10 as well as on the side of the neck.

as with the kokio i immediately replaced the aquila strings with fluoros (i had a spare set of my favourite ukumele in the box). so far the waterman seems to take the tension (~3kg) a lot better – and with some added led lights it becomes quite an eye-catcher on every christmas gig…

here’s a visual side by side comparison between the koki’o (left) and the waterman (right):

koki'o vs waterman
front view
koki'o vs waterman
back view




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2 thoughts on “makala waterman soprano

  1. Hello, has the Waterman’s top and bridge bent under string tension like the Koki’o did? If so, is it causing string buzz?

    1. Hi Jon, so far I have not experienced any serious bending – seems the Waterman’s construction is a tad sturdier than the koki’o. I think the slightly different “bracing” really does the trick here.

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