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my first brüko 🙂 – ain’t she sweet?

i was always tempted by the product specs of brüko: all made in germany, all solid wood – albeit the statements about the specific “brüko sound” and the high action kept me from buying one. from what you read these ukes have a quite bright voice, some people even say it’s “plonky” beyond being acceptable. anyway, when i saw this one it seemed the time for my first brüko had come…

¾ height (4 cm ≈ 1 ½”), body all solid ash, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, direct tuners, a piezo shadow pickup and all that in just 344g.
On top of that comes *drumroll* lowered action. brükos are somewhat famous for high action – this one was already built with low action (hard to see due to the clear strings, but anyway):
low action mm low action in

I put on clear ukuMele fluorocarbons and after the first few days i am quite happy with the sound. it is bright and sweet, seems to be not as loud as the kala sstu – really nice and not at all “plonky”. but hey, these strings are nothing like the pyramid factory strings usually used by brüko.

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