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KA-SSTU-FMCP_fKA-SSTU-FMCP_rofficial model is ka-sstu-fmcp: kala spruce soprano travel ukulele – flamed maple compass

small, flat, yet surprisingly loud. solid spruce top, flamed maple (laminated) back and sides. closed geared tuners and an embedded compass in the headstock – after all it is a travel ukulele 😉

came with the usual aquila strings which i didn’t like on this beauty; swapped them for some brand new ukumele fluoros which really make this beast sing…

slightly heavy on the headstock side, but still very well acceptable with a total weight of 352g.

KA SSTU-FMCP sidenote to self: post picture of hardcase and side view
after settling on concert size i rediscovered the fun of playing soprano with this one – and my concert sizes will remain less touched for at least a while…

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