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sometimes a strap comes in handy – but on the original firefly there’s hardly any good mounting point to attach a strap. big banjoleles come with lots of possibilities, just the firefly lacks one. and i do not consider fiddling some shoelace through the tailpiece a good solution, not even a workaround.

fortunately the tailpiece is fixed to the rim with a standard screw. replacing it with a longer one and a strap button is only a matter of less than 15 minutes…

  1. losen the strings and remove the bridge (after all we will undo the tailpiece which holds the strings so we’d better get the tension off it)
  2. remove the cap nut and the screw. you might have to really unscrew the screw from the rim instead of simply pulling it out
  3. depending on your strap button you might need a longer screw with the same diameter. i only had a m4x40mm with matching nut and washer at hand, but a 25mm would have been sufficient. the original cap nut did not fit my german m4 screw btw.
  4. mount the button – this time the screw goes from outside to inside of the rim, the nut secures it from the inside.
  5. make sure the tailpiece does not touch the skin after tightening everything.
  6. retune.

in case you’re interested: i mounted a planet waves pweep202 elliptical end pin (available e.g. at amazon)

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