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there’s plenty of fretboard maps out there, showing which note is where on the fretboard of your ukulele. but all of these graphical maps omit the octave, they show only the note names – which can lead to slightly unwanted results…

fretboard_mapas this disturbed me for quite some time now i finally decided to quickly draft some kind of tabs showing classical musical notation together with tabs considering all strings:




other ukulele tunings

  • re-entrant fbbdg tuning; tuned a full note below standard gcea, can be very useful when playing with bb tuned wind instruments like clarinet or (tenor, soprano) sax

eadg (bass tuning)

  • eadg ubass tuning; the last note (c4) is the connection to gcea tuning and actually not really playable on a ubass (alternate version with additional treble clef notation)

other intervals/instruments

  • cgda fifth tuning as used on tenor banjo (and cello which ist still one octave lower) – and also on ukulele with e.g. aquila 31u strings (available on amazon and elsewhere)

note: all these pdfs are created from musescore files which i can provide on request – just leave a comment below. and if you need another version, leave a comment as well.

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