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i‘m still was in the market for a soprano hardcase which doesn’t break the bank and yet fits nicely. after the kinsman seemed too big i gave the ortega case a try… it looks pretty similar from the outside – after all it is just another black standard soprano hardcase, so what would you expect. unlike the kinsmann it has only two latches, but they look more reliable and sturdy.

ortega uses a 15mm brown velvet padding which looks pretty elegant; measurements according to the ortega website (where i also borrowed the diagram) are as follows:

A: 55cm (21.65″)
B: 29cm (11.42″)
C: 12cm (4.72″)
D: 14,5cm (5.71″)
F: 17cm (6.69″)
depth 8,5cm (3.35″)


to cut a long story short: this one is a keeper and now protects my flight wus-3 for the time being – the brown interior matches nicely 🙂

the only remaining mystery to me is why the accessory compartment is so high up the neck – it could well sit a bit closer to the body and thus leave more headroom for the headstock….

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